[HP-75] Cat$ doubt


What is the command I use to access the file names from the Digital Tape Drive equal to the command x$=cat$(n)?


The example in the HPIL manual is F$=CAT$(2,":MASSMEM") which would set F$ equal to the the second file name on the mass storage device MASSMEM.


It did not work
In which the manual page and I saw this information.

F$=CAT$(2,":MASSMEM") when I run it says that is missing a parentheses after the comma. :-(

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Yes sorry need to learn how to read, that is the syntax for a 71B, trying to figure out what will work on a 75


This thread has discussions on ways to get the HP-75 more functional as an HP-IL controller.

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Seems a colon got dropped from you link I think you meant http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv015.cgi?read=77316


Thanks. I've corrected the link.


Ok its seems that you need an IO ROM for this. In the IO ROM there is a function TCAT$. For example my 75C with an IO ROM it auto assigns my diskette drive to be :M1 on the command line I enter F$=TCAT$(':M1',2) @ DISP F$ and it displays the file name of the second file on the diskette in the drive. This should work the same way for a tape drive, I would try it but since getting a diskette drive I don't use my tape drives anymore and have cleared all of my tapes.

If you don't have an IO ROM there may be a LEX file available that provides this function, or you could read and parse the raw directory block from the tape.

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What LEX file ?


I don't know sorry, I said there MAY be one, not that I knew of one. I would like to catalog all the LEX files on the various exchange diskettes made available on this site, but so far I have not got around to it, it is easy using the HELP LEX to find the keywords, but sometimes figuring out the syntax to go with the keywords is difficult.

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