What is this?


What is this?


I think it's a Numonics Electronic Graphics Calculator, Model: 1224-113-8042 ...


On a more helpful note, I think it's an early graphics digitizer made by Numinics Corp who now makes white boards. They've been around for 40 years and they used to make digitizers.


From a search on the WEB, there are a lot of medical articles that mention using Numonics Electronic Graphics Calculator. From a 1982 NIH article on Nucleic Acids Research:

The magnified image is then traced, along the top side of the viewing
screen, using a digitizer. The digitizer used in this system is a NUMONICS
GRAPHICS CALCULATOR which was chosen because it can be used with a back projected
image, is of sufficiently high accuracy and of reasonable cost. This
digitizer can resolve 0.025 cm over a working range of 59 cm x 59 cm. As the
tracing head is moved along the image, a stream of X-Y coordinates is accepted
by the computer at a rate of more than 100 coordinate pairs/sec via a BCD

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