[WP34S] Cheap Overlay Solution Courtesy of Kinkos


I am still working with 2.2, will commit to Eric's overlays once we have a version 3 release, or at least a beta where the key-mapping is set. In the meantime, I really am enjoying this solution:

The quality of the colour laser printing is excellent so far and doesn't seem to smudge. The paper is sturdy but not too thick to adversely affect key click. Overlay secured with thin strips of double-sided cellotape around the edges and between rows 2 and 3. I could make flaps and poke the keys through, but the touch is accurate enough to I don't need to.

Kinko's did the job for just over seven bucks--8 pages with 4 overlays on each. Great temp supply.

Me likey!



urrgghhhh....it's cheap, and it shows :-(


urrgghhhh....it's cheap, and it shows :-(

It's an interim solution and thus it's really ok.

What I don't understand is: it is the old V2 version and you could have bought Eric's beautiful overlay for even less money. He is still offering them as far as I know.


Right, I wouldn't call it "cheap" either as Eric's overlays, with shipping, are next to nothing already. I'd call it "throw away".

I understand Les not wanting to attach one of Eric's overlays only to have to try to remove it in a few weeks time! Them things are really really sticky!!!

When I finally decide I need V3.0 I'm just going to upgrade to an HP-30b. Although I don't need the extra functions, I'm liking the new keyboard layout - it's cleaner and more logically grouped.


hpnut, I went for function rather than form as an interim measure. I am actually amazed at how good it actually works--the printing is clear and the keys move fine under the paper. Just fine for now. I appreciate the aesthetics of a beautiful HP as much as anyone here, and I know this arrangement is not a looker.

Alexander, I do admit I went a little into overkill with the Kinko's print order. I had them print up 8 at under 90 cents a page with 4 overlay images per 8.5x11 page. I will likely not use all of them. I could've done fine with two or three pages to tide me over. But, c'est la vie--I have wasted nickels and dimes on far dumber things.

That said, Eric's overlays are not really going to be a saving for me. I understand that it can be challenging to get them on just so without mucking them up, so I plan to order three--one to use, one in case I spoil the first one, one for backup if the first gets stained or worn or whatever. That's $15, not $6. Still worth it. That's a week's coffee money for me.

As far as, the various expenditures regarding the wp34s, I have not hesitated to throw a few extra bucks at it. I got the 30b for the nicer key touch. I gave Gene 20 bucks for the cable to support the cause even though he wants only 10. I spent a little extra, 25 bucks, on the FTDI USB-serial controller recommended by Eric, since I wanted something proven to work and I didn't want to waste time on cheaper options. I haven't donated yet to the wp34s project per se, but should get on that. All told, I have spent far less on this excellent device and the accoutrement than I have on some vintage collectables that I just had to have at the time but now don't use much. In this context, a few bucks at Kinko pending Eric's release of a v. 3 overlay is peanuts in comparison.

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Hmmh, that's a very quick and easy method. Obviously workable ;-) Using double-sided tape also in the center cries for cutting flaps, however, taking half an hour of dedicated precise work now since the cutting marks are in the file. If you don't want to invest this, use single sided tape along the edges - easier and may even look better, too :-)

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