HP 71B : How to input RPNLEX in EMU71 for Windows?



I just discovered that there is a RPNLEX file allowing using RPN in a 71B. Because I cannot use EMU71/DOS in Windows 7, I wanted to use EMU71/WIN, but I do not know how to do some things that apply to the DOS version as for example, the use of emu71.ini to declare the HDRIVE2 device with the lexfl1.lif file.

Does EMU71/WIN recognizes emu71.ini?
if not, how can I have access to the lexfl1.lif file?

I appreciate any help

Thanks and regards,


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Emu71/Win does not use the INI file of Emu71/DOS. You have to use the settings menu to add a simulated IL module to Emu71/Win. Next connect ILPer Christoph offers here to add a simulated peripheral mass storage.



Hi Mike,

it really works! Thanks for the help.




Of cause it works. Glad my hint was sufficent.


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