RPL Tutorial Uploaded


A PDF file of the HP 50G (and 49g+) RPL tutorial has been uploaded to Ultrashare (for at least 21 days).

You can also email me at ews773@earthlink.net for a copy.

HP 50g/49g+ RPL Tutorial


The link contains invalid characters (translated by the forum software to ​) and does not point to any valid file.


Hello Marcus,

what a pity, but many thanks for your information, because I begun to call myself a complete idiot for being unable downloading the file.



It's a zero width space... try this link



Hello Massimo,

thank you for fixing the problem intime.




Thank you Massimo!

I didn't realize the original link caused problems. (dumb me)



Thank you Edie for the tutorial. It is a labor of love that many, like myself, will appreciate. I will be reading it in the coming weeks, starting tomorrow.




Very well written as well.

Thanks for doing this.



Thank you Hal and Namir! It was a labor of love (of calculators). I am happy you are enjoying it.



Thanks Eddie for a clear & simple to follow tutorial.



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