9120 printer paper


Had a direct email requesting info re this based on a post of mine here,back in 2005. I replied directly but email bounced.
I DO still have some of this paper and I'm more than happy to supply it to those in need.


Ah, that would have been from me. I run my own mail server (since 2001) and after a couple of years of increasing spam I bought my own Barracuda Spam and Virus Filter, a dedicated box that filters all e-mail coming into any "neko.com" (and a few other) domains.

It blocked your message because of the "reputation" of ihug.co.nz. This is understandable since another message I see from that domain consists of the text:

"Please response to my Deal of 45.5 Million U!S!D funds transfer as i
urgently need your help "

Anyway, I've whitelisted your address so further communications will get through.


I would like to buy a few rolls (or even a case; your 2005 message mentions "many cases") of paper. The zinc oxide electrosensitive paper is unique to this machine, as far as I can determine, and is quite different from the still-available aluminized paper.

(In case anyone's interested: a printer "prints" on the more common aluminized paper by actually vaporizing the thin layer of aluminum, exposing the black polyvinyl alcohol layer underneath. The 9120 printer is designed for zinc oxide paper, which has the advantage of being white(ish) rather than silver. The zinc oxide layer is not vaporized but is reduced back to zinc by the electric current, resulting in dark brown print on a white background. NOBODY makes this kind of paper any more, although there are "premium" copy papers that use zinc oxide coatings for its bright white appearance. These won't work in the 9120 since they lack a conductive layer underneath the oxide coating.)

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I would be interested to buy some rolls, too, provided that you consider international shipping.


I need to get some idea of cost to send internationally - no problems in that regard, other than the cost.
The paper comes in boxes of three but can split if necessary.

Agreed - this paper is unlike any other electrosensitive paper which will explain why the correct paper is necessary in the 9120 printer.

Dave- I'm still blocked- replied to your second direct email but yet another bounce.
FYI Ihug is one of the main ISPs here so no worries re that aspect- I've never had an issue with them in 12 years or so. They all have their issues at times but ihug is one of the original ones and was bought out by vodafone some years ago- fortunately we old timers have been able to keep our original email addresses.


A Barracuda spam filter uses a descending series of strategies to filter spam. One of the first things it does is check the source IP against a list maintained on Barracuda Networks' servers. This list is built (partially) from return addresses of emails other Barracuda users have reported as spam. For whatever reason ihug.co.nz is on that list, so anything from that domain is blocked due to "Barracuda reputation."

I can't unblock the entire domain, but I whitelisted your original address ("tractorb"). Unfortunately your second attempt used a different address so it got blocked again! Both addresses are whitelisted now, so please try just one more time...

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