HP-71B Rom Stuck in Port


I have a 64K EPROM that is stuck in the port so tight I cannot get it out. What is the best method to remove the EPROM from the 71B.


If the module sits in port 1 or 2 (near the ON key) ,

you can try to push it out from behind, by removing the IL module (or the cover).

You'll have to use a suitable tool, like an screw driver with isolated shaft.

Be CAREFUL not to damage the PCB or any electronic parts on it!

If the module sits in port 3 or 4, you may have to open the 71B,

by removing the screws under the rubber feet and in the batt and card reader compartments.




I have a 71B with a very tight module.

I am used to remove it by alternating moves to left and right while pulling and repeat tens of times.


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