HP-15C LE in Washington?


Folks, I'll be in Washington DC next month for a few days and was wondering if anybody knew about a shop selling the 15C LE? Since it is still not available in Europe, I thought I should use that opportunity. Any help appreciated!


I don't think that anyone has reported seeing a 15C LE in a brick and motor store. I've only heard of people buying them online. Furthermore I don't know of any online store that has them in stock now.


Katie, there goes my hope of ever having a 15C LE. Now I know why it's called "limited edition".


Give it time. I think that there will be more available not too long from now and maybe even a "regular" 15C. It would be dumb for HP to walk away from a successful product.


Nothing at the FNAC Montparnasse???


Neither at Fnac Les Halles.


FYI in the USA: The presence of HP's scientific calculators in Europe is neglegible :-( HP, are you listening?


In the good old days, all these FNAC stores carried the HP and TI calculators.


Those were the days, my friend, we hoped would never end ...


I recall when I lived in Paris in 1978, I'd visit the FNAC stores each Saturday ad marvel and the HP ad TI calculators. I had an HP-67 then, but that did not prevent me from browsing. The added taxes were high on these machines. I recall when I arrived in Michigan in December 78 and went to Ulrich's book store in Ann Arbor, I was stunned to see how cheap the TI-59 was (compared to prices in France). My reaction was asking the salesperson to buy a TI-59. A few days later I went back and bought the printer that goes with it.

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Where did you work in Michigan ? In 1978 I lived in Jackson, and worked at Gilbert-Commonwealth. I bought my 32E in 1978, 34C in 1979 and 15C in 1982 at the Ann Arbor Ulrich's. By 1982 I was commuting to Ann Arbor to work at Bechtel. The 32E and 34C both died after a couple of years and were scrapped, but the 15C survives in perfect working condition to this day with only one change of batteries.


In the good old days, all these FNAC stores carried the HP and TI calculators.

I once told my French roommate that I "had to" go to the FNAC to buy some photo paper to which he jokingly responded that it was an incorrect use of the verb "devoir" as the FNAC does not have any thing that one _needs_, only what one _wants_ (vouloir). :-)


According to HP, it will be available in Europe on the 2nd half of January. Have hope!


I do ;-)


Is that January emission carrying the same firmware edition of the first LEs? Do we need to wait a little longer than January for a bug free series? Do you have any info on this?



No such thing as "bug-free."


Please. Don't let facts kill my dream... :-)


You can be sure about exactly two things in this matter:

(1) Those who know won't talk

(2) It's on sale when it's on sale

HP employees following this forum seem to not always have all information about what's going on at HP. I remember one of them insisted the 15C LE wasn't even shipped from China one or two days before they arrived in the US. Could have been a strange sense of humor also, don't know.


That is very Zen and very deep. Unfortunately, it is also very true. ;-)


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