[WP34] Poor Person's Overlay


I just wanted to report my satisfaction with a temporary overlay that finally makes my newly flashed calc fully useful to me, until such time as version 3 bugs are worked thru and Eric resumes making his vinyl overlays for the new version.

Though I am still on 2.2, the version 3 manual briefly includes instructions on how to size and print the overlay provided with the Sourceforge download. I happen to be be most comfortable with Photoshop, and setting the overlay width to 68 mm provides a ppi of just under 595 without resampling the image. In Photoshop, I create a new 8.5x11 doc with that ppi, and cut and paste the resized overlay image four times onto the new document. I make sure there is a wide margin all around as when I tried to fit six overlays on one sheet forcing printing at 100% cut off the edges due to the intrinsic printable area for my printer. (In printing on my Mac, it seems the default is to shrink things slightly to fit, so I must force 100% in order to maintain the correct 68 mm width.)

I then print on pretty good quality paper, cut out, and just stick over the keypad with double-sided tape. I don't bother with flaps because the key feel is just fine through the paper. I use a monochrome laser printer and find B&W works fine for me since the correct shift key can be quickly discerned from placement on or under the key. If I like this arrangement for a more than temporary fix I may splurge a few dollars and get colour laser printing done.

This a great calculator and I love it more each day, so I just wanted to share how delighted I am that I found such a simple way to make it easy to use. It isn't cosmetically perfect, but it is functionally just great. I have a 15C LE, but it goes neglected as I become fascinated with this wonderful gizmo.


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Glad you like it :-)

I've read about Photoshop in this context more than once now. IMHO, the following is even easier on a PC: Just create a blank MS Word file and <insert> <graphics> <from file>, specifying the overlay file of your choice. Then format the inserted picture to the given size (in mm), and you're done. If you want to, you may copy this formatted picture as often as you like and print.

The v3 overlay gives optimal results with a height of 104mm.




Just to clear any misconceptions, I am still making v2.2 overlays for anyone who requests them.



Eric, I most definitely am, since so far I am very pleased with 2.2.

I am in Canada. How much?



Give 3.x a chance, it will be better :-)

Better still, buy an extra 30b and have both :D

- Pauli


A quick Google search turns this up.



Thank you, oh mighty googler! Pricing very reasonable!

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