A new record price for an HP 15c LE


I think this must be a new record price for an HP 15c LE. IIRC, the previous record was $447. This is pretty close to high price for a mint vintage HP 15c, which I find to be mind-boggling. Note that the seller resides in the UK, not the USA, so again it appears that the big money collectors are Europeans.


Yeah, I stumbled upon this auction some day ago and even back then the highest bid was already well above 200 Euro.

About 1,5 years ago I won an auction for a completely mint HP-15C (still in its plastic wrapping, handbook untouched and almost pristine box) for approx. 250€ - and even that did hurt quite a bit.

And honestly, I'm much happier with the original in such a super state...


If the buyer is also in the UK, it does mean that the trans-Atlantic shipping, and UK import taxes and charges, have already been paid. For my 15cLE these almost doubled SC's US selling price.
Still a high price in comparison, though.


Well I have the exact same model, brought in the US, taxes paid in the UK. I forget all the details, but I recall taxes were £45, shipping was £30 or so. These all add up.

Whilst I was going to keep it, for £336 I am very happy to sell it to anybody who wishes to buy it, I am also happy to swap it for an entire set of Spice range calculators :) I only wish I had brought a thousand of them.

Whilst we may bitch at the prices people pay, supply and demand allows this to happen. If people want to pay it then fine, the only impact on me is the insurance premiums I have to pay go up as I revalue my collection.

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