HP 15c searchable Adv Fun Handbook (link) - done by Joe Horn


HP 15c Adv Function Handbook

Thanks Joe!


Very nice, and timely, as I just worked through the HP15c LE manual.


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HP 15c Adv Function Handbook

Looks pretty good, at least the resolution of the museum CD
version if not better. It may well replace that version
after cropping out the edge shadows and coil binding holes.


Thanks for the link, Gene, it's a very nice scan and much appreciated.

Actually, I really love those old HP manuals and Owner's Handbooks of the golden age, and this particular one is really among the very best and most interesting of them all and really lives up to its title, being full to the brim with quality advanced info and examples.

However, all isn't perfect and there's the odd suboptimal programming in there as well, which is particularly rare in such a state-of-the-art handbook. One such instance is the routine found in page 119 for "Constructing an Identity Matrix", which ineffciently needs 12 steps and 3 registers to do the task and it's quite slow to boot.

Actually, I asked for such a routine in one of my very first HP-15C mini-challenges posted to this forum many years ago, with my own solution being:

               LBL A
X<> 0
STO+ 0
"u" STO A
which is just 10 steps long (including LBL and RTN), and only takes a maximum of 3 seconds for a 7x7 matrix, which is the largest possible size the HP-15C's memory allows. You can substitute MATRIX A and STO A for whatever desired matrix, A to E.

Best regards from V.



I've taken the file and Cropped it so the sprial holes are gone and the bottom no longer has the artifact. Prints really nice.

I've also added Bookmarks to the file that match the Table of Contents.

I don't have any way to host the file. I could email it to you and maybe your could post it for those that want it.



You could share it with DropBox, which gives you 2GB for free. If you want to set up an account, you can use my referral link which gives us each another 250MB for free.



Hi Eric,

Just signed up. You should have more space & I ended up with 250MB more space also.

Following is link to HP-15C Adv Functions with cropped edges and full bookmarks.

HP-15C Adv Functions Book



Thanks for the referral, and thanks for uploading that. That will make it a lot more pleasing to read on the computer.

If there's any interest, I could probably produce printed and spiral-bound copies for $10 or so plus shipping.




You've got my interest at roughly that price. If you're starting a list, put my name on it, and thanks for the generous offer.


Hi Eric,

I am interested to get a hardcopy too.


+ 1 if you tell me what "plus shipping" means in figures :-)


I'd be interested in one hardcopy when the wp34s definitive overlay is available (to save on shipping).


Olá Gerson, we've just changed it again :-)




might be a lot cheaper for us here in Germany.



ich nehme an, deine Nachricht bezieht sich auf das AFH. Wenn wir über Schwarzweißdruck reden, hast du wahrscheinlich recht. Farbig stellt sich die Sache anders dar. Allerdings zeigt das AFH nur sehr wenige Stellen, an denen die Farbe für den Informationstransport wichtig ist - schöner sieht es trotzdem aus.




Will Eric's prints be in color? And don't forget postage and custom fees that will apply as soon as the sum reaches 22€.
I haven't checked but maybe it is an option to have only the relevant pages printed in color and the rest in b/w.

Edited: 25 Nov 2011, 2:10 a.m.


I'd be interested in one hardcopy when the wp34s definitive overlay is available (to save on shipping).



If there's any interest, I could probably produce printed and spiral-bound copies for $10 or so plus shipping.

+1 Thanks, Kerem


+1 here too!


Another +1 here!
Joel Setton

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