Best new 12C flavor?


I'm thinking of getting a newer 12C to keep company with my 2614BXXXX. What new-model 12C is most favored, and why? Thanks for comments.


I personally prefer the 12C+ over the platinum. Primarily better speed and on a personal note I prefer the more muted colors compared to those on the platinum. The drawback is of course less memory but that is not an issue in my use.

There is also a weird implementation of stack lift in conjunction with the use of CHS on the platinum. 3 ENTER CHS 4 - on any relatively modern RPN machine including the 12C and 12C+ returns -7. On the Platinum it returns -1. Some on this forum have argued that this is incorrect usage and perhaps they are right. Be that as it may, it does not return what I expect and so I avoid it.

Just a very quick $0.02 tour of the main differences as I see them.

Of course if you want algebraic support then the Platinum is your only choice. and the backspace and undo features on the Platinum are nice.




I bought 3 of these for under $15 apiece to keep my beautiful immaculate 12C 2732AXXXXX company:

As for the modern HP financial calcs, my choice was the 10bII+. It's better than any of the retro-Voyagers for a fraction of the price.


I have to say that the 10bii+ us a very nice machine. Only problem for me is no RPN.

As for he Victor V12, I have been meaning to give my $0.02 tour of that machine since I have now had mine for a couple of weeks.

All in all a decent calculator. Maybe even great for the price. But therein lies the rub... For the price...


1.  I don't like the small decimal point.
2. I don't like the larger size. It is not quite pocketable.
3. I don't like the keyboard feel.
4. Not as fast as the 12C+.
5. No backspace or undo as on the newer 12C Platinums.
6. No parens (just like the older 12CP's) so if you really do want to use algebraic entry you might be a little hobbled.


1.  I do like the large display
2. Inexpensive
3. It does *NOT* have the CHS behavior of the 12CP that I consider odd
4. Inexpensive
5. Uses 2 x AAA batteries instead of the 2032's that the 12C+ and the 12CP use
6. Did I mention inexpensive?
7. No keyboard issues once you get past the feel (which I really don't like). But then I have had no keyboard issues with any of my voyagers and that includes the 12C+'s and 12C 30th AE's and the 15C LE's.

In conclusion: I *make* myself use the Victor V12 every now and then but it has not come close to replacing the 12C that sits on my desk.

As always, just my $0.02.




If you decide to go with 12C instead of Platinum, I would recommend 12C 30th AE or try to find an older type 12C with serial number starting with CNx xxxxxx instead of newer CYxxxxx.

Personally, I noticed that the newer models, (also you can tell from the character set of the keys-see photo-), seem to have the worst keyboards with more frequent non-responding keys. Photo Old/New


I concur with your appreciation - the ones starting with CN in the serial number seem to be slightly better in key feel than the ones starting with CY. Apparently, the former ones come from the Kinpo factory while the others from Invertec. The Kinpo ones sure look better. The key feel might be a little better as well, but now we're talking about the last 1-2% !! And the clicky response feels better to me than my original 1985 units (Brazil and USA)

As for reliability, none of both has ever missed a keystroke.

See pictures and discussion here

The last batches of "plain" HP12c+ received in Europe all come from Invertec - at least this was the return from the European distributors that I know.

The good thing is, the HP12c anniversary comes from the "right" source and sports the "right" keyboard!!


Three weeks ago I was shopping at a local electronics store called Fr**s, both at Sunnyvale and San Jose. Sunnyvale had about 7 units of HP-12C in stock, San Jose 5. ALL of the 12 HP-12C's had keyboard problems, 2 of them had NO response with ENTER key at all, 2 with NO response CLx key, 1 with PV + PMT keys that didn't click and unless you pushed really hard didn't register, rest of them had one of multiple keys that didn't register and missed regularly. The store is going to return them all back to HP. All had serial numbers starting with CY xxxxxxx with the new looking type set. Luckly they had a "very old" return almost at regular price that no one wanted, all scratch up display, low battery etc, serial number CNA XXXX, keys worked perfect despite the significant cosmetic wear. So I replaced my first defective unit with that one. Also contacted TW at HP three weeks ago, who said forwarded my message to customer support, but haven't received any response from HP yet.


I'm thinking of getting a newer 12C to keep company with my 2614BXXXX.

I'd recommend a 2615BXXXX. Keyboard is great, no known bugs or funny issues with increased speed, etc...

I'm thinking of getting a newer 12C to keep company with my 2614BXXXX. What new-model 12C is most favored, and why? Thanks for comments.

Even though the Victor 12C clone is nice and inexpensive - I find myself using the 12C+ (99-step upgrade) the most. I like the 12C+ the most because it is most like the classic 12C with speed improvements.


Thanks to everyone for helpful replies. Consensus seems to be for the 12C+.

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