HP-15LE: Anybody else see double key registrations?


Just curious. Poked around a bit and didn't see this particular failure discussed (as opposed to the "clicks but didn't register" problem).

On mine (about a month old) I'll sporadically get two "divide" inputs for one press of the divide key. Happens about one in 15 times on average.

Calling HP tomorrow to see if I can get a replacement.

(I seem to be facing down a general technology revolt - everything from my valve cover gaskets to computer RAM decided to pack up at once!)



What you are describing is commonly referred to as "repeating", and yes, I've noticed this behavior sporadically on my 15C LE. On mine it seems to affect all the keys, not just a particular one. It seems to occur only when I press the keys slowly, or use my thumbs. I doubt any replacement will solve this, as it's probably a software issue with debouncing.

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Tried hard to provoke bouncing on my 15C LE but fortunately to no avail.


It can not be a software debouncing problem. It must be HW related. None of my two LE's does multiple key registers. The sofware debouncing algorithm seems to be doing the job. Ergo...



I doubt any replacement will solve this, as it's probably a software issue with debouncing.

That's what I was thinking, too. But it only seems to happen on one key (divide) and my other LE doesn't exhibit the problem. It's very repeatable on one and non-existent on the other.

Which isn't to say that perhaps it couldn't be FIXED in software. It might be a case of some keys / keyboards needing a touch longer debounce than nominal and I've got one that's on the outer edge.


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Here we go again. HP35S revisited.

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