My HP 33S came in yesterday


I wonder if the display has been improved like it has been reported. This was to replace my broken 33S.

I think I now have almost at least one of all the calculators made since 2003 (39gs, 40gs, 50g, 49g+, 10bII, 10bII+, 35s, 33s, 12C, 12C 30th Ann, 15C LE).


12C Plat? Or does that not qualify? When did they start making it?


Forgot about that, yes, both the silver 12C Platninum (which I never use) and the 25th Ann. Edition, the latter which I gave to my dad.


wow, that's a lot of new Kinpo stuff.

I've bought a number of 33s and one 35s the latter being lost and a number of teh former being lost or broken. At least they are chump change comapred to the friggin lpatops which get borken all the time (TG I insure tehm)...

I hear that I really aught to get a 50g but I already have 2 48gx so not so motivated


I started collecting HP calculators around 2000.

Quick review of the 33S: it is probably the closest I'll get to the 32s/32s ii ($250+ for a 32s). IHMO the decimal point is clearer but not bigger. The keyboard is much better than the 2003 version. CNA141000C

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