(O.T.) Calculators with CAS not allowed during examinations :-)



Aonde você achou essas pérolas?
(Where did you find these pearls?)


Use "gênios da matemática" como chave de busca no Google Imagens. É uma das primeiras a aparecer. (Use "gênios da matemática" as the search key in Google images)


This is strange, they have Portuguese (I think?) text on them, while I'm very sure I've seen the exact same pictures in English!


And the teacher's correction in the right is Spanish. Looks like these have been translated from Spanish, which in turn have been translated from English. None of them is real, I think.



Too funny


In the same vein ...

Best regards from V.


This is one of my favorites. I remember I first saw it in this old thread:


The first link in Don's post is appears to be the original "Expand" joke.

Best regards,



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