Help on 17BII's undocumented Let & Get


Can anybody give some detailed descriptions and samples on these two function? Your help are very appreciated.


This Museum article by Bruce Maguire uses the commands on a 17BII:

If you have the Museum CD's, refer to the "HP27S/19B Technical Applications".



Are you able to purchase the "Museum of HP Calculators CD Set"? Click here:

If you are not able for some reason or other, you might want to contact the owner of this great site, David G Hicks, at:

and see if you can work out a deal to get the "HP27S/19B Technical Applications" PDF that Ellis mentioned in the prior message. If at all possible, though, please order the full CD set---it is very well worth it!



Ellis and Bruce, thanks for your information. Actually I'm considering to purchase the CD set, just a little worry about the custom issue(I'm from China). Anyway, I'll check with David G Hicks.

BTW, I just bought 17BII and 32SII at the beginning of this year from Singapore when I'm on vacation, and sooner found both of them are discontinued. What a luck :-)


Look here for some pictures of Dave's travels in China:

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