Dead HP 28C


My HP 28C is completely dead.
Are there any known faults that might be repairable?
How do you open the case (either side!)?



under the plastic label, right over the display (you must carefuly remove it, try no bending it so much or you'll leave watermarks), you'll find heat-molded stakes. Cut them off (in a way you can rebuild tham) and the top cover will be off.

I have a document somewhere in here that describes a way to open the 28 with more details. If you want to have a look at the stakes for now, do it. I have removed the label of two others, and I had to open one of them. One tip: right below the plastic label, you'll have access to the (+) and (-) battery poles; after testing them directly, you'll be able to decide if you need to open it or not (one of the two I was about to open was safely revived by just cleaning the batteries contact springs).



Thank you very much.
I'd never have guessed that one!

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