Rebuilding a Digital Cassette


I have some digital cassettes for the hp82161a that no longer work. I was thinking about dissassembling one, removing the original tape, and rewinding new tape on.

If anyone has any advice, please post it.




Don't forget the end-of-tape holes. Might be tricky to punch them without creating a weak spot where the tape might break in use. Find a reliable way to measure the length of the tape on an original one - counting turns of the hub depends on the thickness of the tape, need to count turns of a capstan. I have some very similar tapes of another brand that have less, thicker tape in them that I want to reload. Get a micrometer to measure the thickness of the original tape, the correct length of the thicker tape wouldn't fit on the reels. I've thought of doing this too - I hope the tape in a Compact Cassette will be compatible (haven't taken a measurement yet). May need to use tape from a longer cassette, C90 or C120 min., to get the right thickness - if the width and coating are right at all! If Compact Cassette tape is too narrow, next choice will be to try to slit 1/4" tape.


Are you sure it's the tape? Most of the time it's the pressure pad that decays and fails, and this can be repaired quite easily using doubled-sided adhesive foam tape and felt.
I have an article I wrote for Datafile (HPCC club journal) on repairing these cassettes. I would be happy to have it available for distribution if anyone can suggest where I should upload it. It's a 13K LaTeX file, so it's not that large.

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