Cleaning keys on a Woodstock (HP-27)


I just acquired an HP-27. Looks very nice, but the "4"-key is semi-responsive (need to press hard). Is this something I can easily fix myself or should I send it to a pro?

If easily fixable (and I do not want to run the risk of ruining the calc... at all), then please point me to some babystep procedure.



Working on Woodstock keyboards is not easy, because the circuit board is heatstaked to the front of the calculator. It is easy to separate the keyboard assembly from the case and electrical circuits, but about the only thing you can do is blow air into the sides or soak it in white winegar, which sometimes helps. Perhaps you can find another cheap dead HP 27 with a good keyboard to replace it.


I took out the battery to check it for leakage. It looks pristine also inside. When putting it back in, the calc wouldn't turn on. Charging it. Still won't turn on. I am guessing bad contacts from battery to calc. Sooo.... sending it to someone who can give it lots of hugs, kisses and love. Tried contacting fixthatcalc, awaiting an answer. Alternative fixers out there feeling competent with the HP-27?

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