HP 41 private programm


I have an old (navigation)programm (cards) for my HP-41CX which I want to modify, but it says "private" in the moment I want to edit it. How to overcome this problem?



have a look here. For sure, the answer is there.



Thank you very much Luiz!


This shorter procedure worked for me just fine:

1. Load the program from the card (to be the last program in memory).

2. GTO ..

3. PRGM CAT 1 R/S (immediately after CAT 1)

4. SST (until you see .END. REG xxx)

5. DEL 001 (at .END. REG xxx)

6. <- (back arrow)




I tried this sequence (or somethink close to it) some times, and it worked only with one of the 41's I tested. it seems to me (I think I read it somewhere) a slight change in the 41's OS did not allow it to work; I'm not sure, it must be checked.

It makes me remember the way the first enthusiasts got into Synth Prgm: by removing memory modules in the 41C. The kbd-only procedures were needed with the advent of the 41CV: no way to change mem modules.

How I miss this kind of brainy activity... not in my brain (going fine so far), just in the neighborhood. And I miss the release of this sort of teasing little boxes, too.



If it worked on one of your HP41 this should be enough to de-private the program. ;-)

If you have a ZEN-ROM at hand, you may use RAMED to change the END of your PROGRAM. Or take your program to an emulator of the HP41 (there are some useful arround) and manipulate it there.


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