batteries for HP 10C



I´m looking for the needed batteriy type aof an HP 10C calculator. Is there anybody arounf, who can gove me the appropriate information?



If you mean the Voyager series like the 11, 12, 15, and 16C, it uses 3 button cells, either the LR44 alkaline type or the SR44 silver oxide type which last much longer than the alkaline. There are some details and alternate numbers in the Museum "Collector's Corner" section:


Indeed, all "44" batteries do the job...

For European collectors : most of you know that I work in the watches business. I can supply (by box of 10, indivudually sealed) RENATA 357 (equivalent to 44, Swiss made) batteries for € 12.57. This is "my" purchase price, so I make no money on this. This price is far down below retail price in Europe that is awfull for batteries...

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