Simple RPN


I downloaded [from the App store] a very nice basic RPN calculator app for new IPad 11. It is called "Simple RPN". 99 cents and worth it. Hard to believe IPad 11 comes with no basic calculator.

Don't know if this an appropriate topic for this site but am sure there are alot of folks on this site with IPads.


Apple: spend more for the device so that you can spend even more for the basic stuff :-)

Microsoft: spend less, and get what you pay for :-(


They both "back end" you just for different things. One for increased functionality and one for protection. :)


There's an iPad 11?


It depends on the font used. :-)


Current iPad is 10, next year model will be 11 :-)



Do the shifted functions appear on the keys only once one has pushed the blue "f" key? I guess this is the role of this key!
By the way, which shifted functions does it offer?
Many thanks advanced for your answer.

Kind regards.


Yes, the functions do appear on the keys. This is a very simple calc with the blue shift key shifting between "RCL"/ "STO". "CLa" shifts to "CLx". A third key "X-Y" [exchange] shifts to a function key that enables a change in the background color/style. Something I won't use.

This isn't meant to compete with the various HP calc emulators [HP41 is available]. For .99 it is totally adequate for someone who prefers RPN and doesn't need something that will handle a space launch.


Thanks for your fast and accurate explanations.
You may also like two other apps: AccessRPN and Pcalc lite.
More to say, they are free! Give them a try...
Access RPN has a funny feature that enables you to see the stack operating.


thanks, I just downloaded both. Am ready for that space launch now!


I use PCalc on my iPhone and iPad. It has a normal RPN mode and a HP 48 style RPN (RPL) mode. Works great and has a very nice UI.

The only thing missing is some kind of solver or programmability, but it has all trigonometry and even base conversion and calculation functionality.


You may like Free42 or a derivative from it, named 42S. They are great on the iPod Touch, I don't know if there are differences on the iPad due to screen size, etc.


Anyone try ActiveRPN for the iPhone/iPad? The basic version is free. The scientific version with macros is $.99. Each macro can hold up to 80 steps.


there are a couple of utube videos that illustrate active RPN....interesting program.

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