HP-41 Ultra Trivia!


I took a few photos of an HP-41 key (the 8 key to be exact) on keyboards with the two key styles (more and less sloped).

One of the bits of trivia I seem to have remembered from somewhere was that the numbers on the keys were supposedly molded into the keys rather than painted on (to remove the possibility of them wearing off),

Is this true? Of all models?

The older HP41 showed wear of the numeral 8 consistent with it being a surface coating. The newer keyboard has no such wear.

If anyone is remotely interested in the images I'll try to provide a link.

If I get them up on my site, they'll be

http://www.wantree.com.au/~shodges/hp8old.jpg http://www.wantree.com.au/~shodges/hp8new.jpg


My ISP is case sensitive. The appropriate URLs are:




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