HP 39gII spécification



Nota : Grayscale 256 x 127 pixels :

" * Plot graphs with greater precision than competing calculators.

* Plus, the HP 39gII offers a programming language that’s modern and complete with user-defined variables and functions.

* This graphing calculator is loaded with 15 applications to help students learn. For example, manipulate a graph and see the associated equation change instantly using the HP explorer app.

* The HP 39gII boasts more than 600 built-in functions, powerful HP solvers and unit conversions."

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* The HP 39gII boasts more than 600 built-in functions, powerful HP solvers and unit conversions."

Get a 34S, it has more functions :-)

- Pauli


This is a very interesting offering, perhaps foreshadowing an updated 50g with the higher resolution display.

However still not listed for sale on any HP website I can find. Sort of like the premature listings of the 15c LE.


looks like a 39gs but with a far better screen (256 x 128 gray scale) and 80 MB flash memory...


80 MB flash memory

I fear it is a wrong value, even the 50G is 2MB, or does it MP3 ?

I hope the successor of the HP 50g have more advancements apart from the display resolution.


Where is its programming language described in detail? I don't see much at that web site.


Curious that the picture of the 39gii on the web-page Gilles referenced seems to be the same photo posted here a couple months ago, which has Chinese characters on the soft menus. There is a link on the page to HP's USA web store, but no inkling at all that this calculator even exists. I wish someone who actually knows could explain this.


The information still appears to be pretty sketchy. I would love to hear more. I quite like the 39gs and would love to see that calculator expanded with a more powerful language and even better aplet programming support.

One of my complaints is the need for a one-to-one correspondence between the entries in the VIEWS menu and programs to support those menu entries. A much nicer solution would be passing a parameter to a program and then using an IF statement or a CASE statement to decide what to do next. It would leave the program "folder" much less cluttered. As far as I can tell there is no way to do this with the 39gs.

Some other issues I have they appear to be addressing if we can believe what we are reading: Lack of proper variables names and function calls are two of the current shortcomings of the 39gs.



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