FOCAL old factory ...


New emulator, this one is for HP97

Feel free to test and report bugs



Very Nice :)

... and... me... want... l i n u x...


... and... me... want... l i n u x...

So... just do it! ;-)


I could. But it has to come a few hundred yards down my priority list. Just raising the wish in case it gets someones attention - someone who would have this higher on their priority list.


Very nice; however, the 'paper' window does not fit on my laptop screen - I cannot see the bottom of it and cannot size it.



Corrected, the printer window is shorter by default and resizable.

MERGE is now working as the speed select

Download the file again (same name & all)



Is an HP-67 emulator not too far behind in the works?



I just need to test the keyboard with no pik and it should be ok.
But the drawing part for card isn't already done.

Could be done this week :)


Way cool!! I look forward to it!



Finaly it was faster :)

Only the toggle for normal and label key was somewhat difficult ...
(non documented opcodes, need some luck to find the function)

I added an auto checksum to make playing with card by hand easier :)

Feel free to comments ...

(I know the height of 67 picture is too much, i'll try to make a smaller one)




Thank you Olivier, nice job!



1) I started a program on the HP 67 but could not stop it running.

2) When I right click on a card, I get a context menu to insert side 2 but cannot seem to get a context menu for side 1.


1) to insert side 1, right-click on the left part of the card (side 1 mark)
to insert side 2, right-click on the right part of the card (side 2 mark)

2) the keyboard of the 67 isn't mapped as the 97, it seems that the F2 line of the card reader is wired somewhere on the keyboard matrix for the R/S key behaviour, but I didn't find where actually ( I don't have a 67, only a 97) (opcode 00400 and opcode 00500)

The opcodes 00760, 00160, 00060 are still unknow for me :(

Some other opcode are ok, other are working, but I'm not sure of their behaviour

I don't have the wiring of the F0, F2, F3 and F4 lines of the card reader.

F1 is for prgm/run switch

F2 ?? for some keys ?

F3 not used

F4 used externally for the A to E behaviour

I need to use a F0 internal flag for merge pending

The 67 emulator isn't as mature as the 97 one, sorry.

I made a quick hack, and now it's working, get version 1.1 on my site

Edited: 26 Oct 2011, 4:26 a.m.


No problem, just wanted to let you know. :-)

Great job!


Wonderful job Olivier!!


Thank you very much for the programme, Olivier, it works perfectly!

I badly needed an HP-97 emulator but the ones I tried did not worked with wine. I use Ubuntu Linux and both run okay, I agree that the HP-67 image is too big, but as a fix, I rotated the screen to the left and operate the keys and switches using my mouse, my PC is a netbook.

I wish you a happy and wonderful life. ;-)



I just downloaded the emulators version 1.2. The HP-67 emulator (both debug and release versions) are experiencing run-time errors and do not run properly. I am running Windows 7.


Edited: 26 Oct 2011, 5:07 p.m.


Partially corrected by version 1.4 (97-release still buggy)

The 1.5 should be ok

Edited: 27 Oct 2011, 10:32 a.m.



Yes the HP-67 emulator works much smoother. Many thanks!



New version 1.6

At speed greater than x1, ALL PAUSE, -x- & all for HP67 are at
the right speed (better than a HP15C LE)

CPU is used at 100% only at max speed and when computing.

For the curious I'm curently dis-assembling the ROM of the HP97.
I have currently 50% of code commented :)
And I can re-assemble a good rom (same as the original bit-per-bit)
with an home made assembler. Now it's time to patch it

Edited: 2 Nov 2011, 3:10 p.m.


Where may I find it?



HP 67 and 97 Emulator


Hi Olivier, I am curious about the bitmap images you include in the 1.6 version files, with a photo of the actual display of the HP-97, do you will make the emulator more realistic with digits of the same separation between them and proportional size of the actual 97? That could be wonderful. I love both this display and the classic series, when the ones and fours are as tall as the other digits.

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