HP320LX (is it old enough?)


recently, an auctioneer was on ebay with a pile of 320LX machines - buyitnow price was low, came out to $35 including shipping. So I took the risk, not knowing what she'd end up shipping.

The box and contents are in good shape, the 320LX itself eeds cleaning and is in good shape, but obviously not NIB.

What she didn't say (and why this was a deal) is that it's a 4meg and wince2.0 upgrade unit!

Anyone else order one of these?

-And after all of that, there's the meat of the question. given that the only *nix I can find that supports these is minix or maybe netbsd, and both require largish additional filesystem accessories (128meg cf card, for example) I'm really wondering if anyone has given thought to burning new roms for these with some form oof basic- *usable* OS.

I'm not enough of a code monkey to really fly with a project like that, but I'd put anything I could into it. The units are pretty cheap, and they are the last really useful qwerty based hp machine to run on AA power. (they also have the old style HP type keyboard instead of the jornada's soft touch monstrosity)


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