WP34S flashed on Linux, with SAM-BA 2.10


Up to now I failed to get SAM-BA for Linux working on my Debian box.

On Linux only the CDC version of SAB-BA is available, this one does not work, the same as the Windows CDC version is also failing.

To make it short, it works for me now this way:

  • install SAM-BA 2.10 for Windows with CrossOver on the Linux Box.
  • I use a serial to USB adapter with a FTDI chip (FT232RL)
  • configure the serial port com2 to point to /dev/ttyUSB0 (see UsbToSerial for details how to do this)
  • started SAM-BA from the menu, selected COM2:, and flashed a WP34S as usual.

MySamba does not scan the available serial ports at startup under Wine or CrossOver, even when it starts in these environments.

Essentially, now the road is free to set up the compiler to allow a cross compile of WP34S on Linux.


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Thanks for this.


Personally, I got it to work with SAM-BA 2.9 under wine.

Just the normal wine, no crossover or anything. This works for me, under Archlinux.

The only catch is, it seems like sometimes I need to restart SAM-BA 2.9 a few times before it really detects that the calculator is there.

EDIT: forgot to mention that my PC has, afaik, a regular hardware serial port. And to make it work I also had to create a link from ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1 to /dev/ttyS0. I wonder why Linux calls a COM port a "teletype". Probably something historical :)

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<history on>
Linux calls com ports a teletype or tty because thats what serial ports (which are COM ports) use to drive. A com port is actually a DOSism (is that a real word?). I recall MS-DOS having COM1 and COM2 in the early 80's.

If you look at /dev on Linux (or most UNIX systems), you will see /dev/tty1, /dev/tty2 for some considerable number of /dev/tty's. This was how we use to connect terminals to UNIX boxs, we may have had 100 or more serial ports on a mini driving old VT100 type terminals.

Terminals were an enhancement of the original teletypes from the 60's and 70's and the naming of them carried over.
</history off>



The "teletype" used with minicomputers at these times for input and output was a Teletype Corp. ASR-33. It supported ASCII, had hardcopy, and allowed to use punched tapes for storage and restore of programs and command sequences. Electricaly they were connected with a 20mA current loop, the 'tty' ports. RS-232 was not yet widely used then, only for Modem lines.

Teletypewriters were some kind of precursor of today's email, in Europe they were using 5 bit Baudot coding, in the US 7 bit ASCII.

You can see Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thomson using ASR-33's in front of a PDP-11 in the picture in a WIRED article (see ASR-33), running probably an early version of UNIX there.



MySamba does not scan the available serial ports at startup under Wine or CrossOver, even when it starts in these environments.

I had the same issue. I hope that MySamba will someday support a text input field.


Please test the newest version.

  • I've converted the COM port drop-down to a combo box.
  • The window can be resized horizontally.


Where is it? I downloaded the zip file from sf.net and it's the same as the older version.


Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file in my first attempt. This should be fixed now.


Great, can set COM port. New problem. I cannot select .bin files. You got the filter set to scripts. .dat appear, but .bin does not.



I cannot select .bin files. You got the filter set to scripts. .dat appear, but .bin does not.

I didn't change anything there, at least not deliberately. Can't you override the filetype settings in the open file dialog? Or just enter the filename?

Can you try again?


Thanks. It worked. I can now flash from OS/X using Wine. No problems. Took 19 sec for a "full" load.

Thanks again.



  1. Do I need to erase with the special cable to use MySamba? I have been, but wondered if there was a faster way.


Good to know it works. Once WP 34S is installed, you can do ON+D (once), ON+S (twice). This will switch off the calculator with the "Boot from flash" bit cleared. The next power on will start the SAM-BA boot loader. This preserves any libraries and backups in flash but might need a few seconds more to write the data.


Excellent. Just tested. It works, thanks!

For the rest of you:

  1. Connect cable.
  2. Turn ON 34S.
  3. Press and hold ON, then D S S (D 6 6), then release on. Calc will turn off.
  4. Press and release on. Flash with MySamba.
  5. Press and release reset button on cable.
  6. Disconnect cable.
  7. Turn on. Check VERS and BATT.

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