How to go full RPN on the cheap


I'm a totally RPN person, but have used cheap algebraic calcs in harsh environments such as my garage workshop to avoid damage to my expensive RPN calcs. I hate algebraics and constantly make errors using them due to my RPN mindset. But now I've found a solution in the Victor V12 HP 12CP clone, that can be purchased for only $13.99 here with free shipping and no sales tax. I bought two for $14.98 from this seller, and then two more at the reduced $13.99 price. I've had a week to play around with one of them, and it is a good solid calc with a decent keyboard and contrast adjustable display. The only annoyances are the tiny decimal point and hard to read red shifted legends on the black keys. It uses two AAA batteries and is very fast. It comes with a very nice magnetic clasp carry case, and a limited printed manual that omits many features, but covers all the basics. Other than the Compucessory CCS-28956, where else could you find a RPN programmable calc even close to this price ? Even programmable algebraics sell for much more.


Has anyone studied the hardware inside one of these?



Is it a knockoff so close to the 12C that you can use the 12C manual for all of its functions and programming? I read that it also has an algebraic mode which, of course, isn't built into the 12C.


It's the same as the first generation HP 12C Platinum, which has an algebraic mode but no parentheses. Also, it has 400 program steps, rather than 99 as on the original HP 12C. The old HP 12 CP manual can be used and the only feature that seems to be missing is the self test. Also, the keyboard layout and programming key codes are the same, so the original HP 12C manual can be used as well.

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This is a clone of the original HP 12C Platinum. A good buy if you are on a budget. I have not found a scientific RPN clone that isn't a computer emulator or iPhone/iPad app.

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Really, all I was wanting was an RPN 4-banger type calc to replace the various algebraic 4-bangers I have deployed around the house, garage and in the car. All the extra financial stuff and programming capabilities are just extra icing on the cake. I have an original mint made in USA HP 12C that more than meets any serious financial calculations I need to make. The Victor just saves wear and tear on that calc and allows me to use RPN wherever I go. As to scientific calculations, were I still working, I'd use the HP 15C LE at the office or on trips and leave my original HP 15C at home.

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