Tools for exploring the 41cv?


I've got a 41cv for exploration, and no literature to go with it. I see three HP publications on TAS right now:

How useful might each of them be? (I can guess, of course, given their descriptions.)

What other publications might be useful?

Thanks for these and any other suggestions on exploration.

Oh, and where might I pick up a fourth port cover, the calculator having only three at present?

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Your subject got me alarmed, but - alas - it's only the 41cv :-(


Subject line edited too late to avoid alarm. Ich bitte Sie um Entshchuldigung.


all are good.
as an aside: for a new user, the manual for the C was the best, followed by the cv, with the cx manual being the least useful for the newbie. that's understandable because the cx had so much to cover.

have you bought the museum dvd yet? it has a lot more stuff for your purposes.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I don't have any Museum DVDs. It would appear that I'd need 01 and 02 at least:

HP-41C / CV Guide for the Experienced User . . . (CD 02)
HP-41C / CV Owner's Handbook . . . (CD 01)
HP-41C Owner's Handbook And Programming Guide Color . . . (CD 05)

Am I missing anything?


Just get the full DVD, it's worth every cent!

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