FORTH on the Sharp PC-1500



I'm looking after a FORTH for the Sharp PC-1500.

I saw on the archive ( that it was possible to get the forth back from the MC-12 datalogger.

Thanks, philippe


Hi Philippe,

I was able to save the MC-12 Forth to a WAV file which could then be reloaded into the PC-1500. A couple of memory pokes are required to set the Basic Pointers. You'll also need a 16K memory card.

The Zipped WAV file is 7 MB. If your email program can receive large attachement, I can email it to you.



Is it possible to write/read WAV files without printer/tape recorder cradle?


No. Without the cassette interface there is no way to read or write cassettes, or anything acting like a cassette.


Hi Bill, thanks for your reply.
My mail can accept file less than 20Mo, this will be enough.
With the WAV file, can you send the "couple of memory pokes" to do with.
Would you have the manual ?

Thanks, philippe


Pleas send me your email adress by sending me an email through the forum.

I'll then get the wav file off to you with the memory pokes that are required. I did test the wav file on several PC-1500's some time ago. But unfortunaley, I no longer have a PC-1500 to re-test it on. So hopefully, I'll get the memory pokes correct for you.

I have scanned copy of the German Manual. No English version.


Edited: 23 Oct 2011, 1:56 p.m.


Hi Bill, my adress is



You have mail.




Your email system rejectetd it due to size.

Do you have anouther email to use?


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