HP 50g: Full Command and Function Reference incorporated into the O.S.



Here is a video that shows an implemented help for *all* commands integrated into the Operating System.



- integrated into the O.S.

- ultra fast

- combined text and graphic area with unlimited length

- supports algebraic and RPN presentation

- example for the command, RPN or ALG example and RPN or ALG result depending on the mode the calculator operates

- shows flag settings affecting the operation of the function or command

- hyperlinked navigation to related commands

The new "Help for all Commands" (TM) requires an installed MLP or OSE.





The new "Help for all Commands" (TM) requires an installed MLP or OSE.

Great! How do I get hold of this? I don't see it mentioned on your website, did I miss it?




it is not yet ready for release but your are welcome to help.




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