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Calling all awesome geeks! Calc 3 questions.

How do you graph parametric equations?
I.E x(t)= 5cos(t) - cos(5t)
y(t)= 5sin(t) - sin(5t)

Also how do you solve multiply equations with multiple variables?
I.E. 7x+ 6y+ 9z= 0
5x+ 6y+ 20z= 0
x+ y+ z= 0

Last one! When I integrate the Sq root of [(-12sin(3x))^2+ (12cos(3x))^2 and you are integrating it from 0 to 2(pie)/3 ( I have no pie symbol on the computer... awesome)I get a question mark. But when I integrate it by hand I get 8(pie). Any help would be much appreciated!



2 Use linear solver


For 2, that's a homogeneous equation which means it has a trivial solution of x=y=z=0.

In general, for systems like that, I would enter them as matrices.


[7 6 9]
[5 6 20]
[1 1 1]

(It's easiest to enter with the Matrix writer)

Then hit 1/x.

Then enter


then multiply.

If the system of equations is not linear, you can use the command MSLV. This is an advantage the 50g has over the TI89, by the way; the TI89 has no built-in function for solving systems of nonlinear equations.

For the last one, it looks to me like the integrand is the constant value 12, so yes, 12 * 2 pi / 3 = 8 pi.

I get the question mark when I evaluate that integral, too. Two ways around it: In approximate mode, you'll get the correct numerical value. To get it exact, when the integral is in level 1 of the stack, instead of hitting EVAL, hit TSIMP. (To simplify trigonometric expressions) It immediately gives 8pi.

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