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I have a HP 11C to which I have misplaced the user manual several years ago. The screen is displaying the following 0,000 that I can not get rid of. I do not believe that it is the batteries as that is usually indicated by a flashing *. How do I get a normal screen back?



Can't see anything wrong with an 11C saying 0,000 .

Or do you mean you want a decimal point instead of the comma?

If yes, turn the 11C off, press and hold the decimal point key,

press the ON key, release both.





Thanks for the response. I had already tried that several times before posting the message. Anyway problem now is corrected. See my response to Steve as to how.



Here is a scanned copy of the HP-11C Owner's Guide from HP's website.



Many thanks for the user manual. It really helped. My calculator does show the asterick when the battery is low, so I knew it wasn't low batteries. After trying a number of different things, I found it was somehow reated to Engineering notation (even though it wasn't showing the exponent)



Just curious, how did you find this in a search?




After asking the same question on this forum a while back, I wasn't satisfied with the answers that I have received and made my own reasearch about his situation with the HP 11Cs.

According to "A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers" by W.A.C. Mier-Jedrzejowicz, 5th Edition there has been some early HP 11Cs produced without the "*" sign on the screen.

Some may tell you that early Voyager series may fail to detect the low battery voltage and maybe you should also take this into consideration, however, the HP 11C that I have do not have a "*" on the LCD.

Hope it helps,


I too heard that early units did not have the *. However, my 11C, S/N 2222Axxxxx (making it mid May '82?) has the * so yours would have to be very early indeed to not have it.

BTW: Are you aware that it does not light up when the self test is activated? AFAIK, there is no way to activate it without low batteries -- and in a calculator that is notoriously stingy on power usage, that might take a very long time indeed!

Use mine every day! :-)


Yes, my first thought was to check the self test, but after reading here on the forum that the self test does not lit the "*" sign on the LCD, I have carefully collected 3 LR44 batteries that with lit/blink the "*" on my other HP 11Cs and HP 15Cs with also sufficiently low serial numbers. They all lit/blink the "*" sign, however that one HP 11C just displayed "0,0000" and masked everything that I have typed with it. Like, if I key in "12345678" the display looks like "0,0000678".

As for everyday use I have switched to HP 15C LE, but that is another (sad) story though ...



Thanks for your response. Problem has been corrected. See my response to Steve as to how the problem was corrected.


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