[WP 43S] Another newborn


Today, a new 43s is born.
Thanks, Pauli and Walter for this fantastic extreme makeover of the 20/30b. I will be busy for some weeks discovering the features of this beast. Also thanks to Gene for the cable and to Eric for the 30b and the overlays. I know that the keyboard layout is due to be changed and I look forward to having matrix support on this already terrific machine.

FYI: Flashing this unit on Windows Vista x64 with a native serial port worked flawlessly.


Having Repurposed a 30b to a 34s very recently, I completely share your ecitement and appreciation to the WP-34s team! Enjoy!

However I beleive you meant 34s and not 43s (see what excitement does to us!)


And please don't forget Marcus :-)

- Pauli


I would suggest renaming it wpm-34s. Or just leave it as is until someone else with first name beginning with "D" join the team. Thus, wp turned upside down would stand for D???? and Marcus as well :-)


Or CS 34S. Community Scientific 34S.


The "wp" wasn't my idea, but it simply fits the logo nicely :-) And in fact that project was 'founded' by Pauli and me in 2008, and was driven by us until this March as you can read in the archives. Since March 2011, Marcus contributes a significant fraction as you've observed and still see.

And if we still needed a proof it's a success ...

Or CS 34S. Community Scientific 34S.

... now it's claimed the community has done the work ;-)


More along the lines of created for the community.

If you want to get specific about the contributions, we have HP making the HW, I think about 5 solid contributors to the software, assembler, documentation, and overlay; and countless testers, complainers, supporters, suggesters, cable shippers, evangelists, unauthorized documentors, etc...

My suggestion was not to minimize anybody's efforts or to remove any acknowledgement, but to expand the acknowledgement to the larger supporting community.

I think just calling it the 34S is great too, and I do not have any issues with WP. But I do think adding more letters is not a good idea.


Egan, I may have guessed what you wanted to express but that ball was too nice to let it rest there ;-) And also HP was baptized HP since they made products for H & P, wasn't it? (Hint: If you replace an argument take care of its plausibility ;-)


And also HP was baptized HP since they made products for H & P, wasn't it?

I do not know enough of HP's history to argue that one way or the other. My gut tells me that HP created products to make money, not to fill a missing personal need with no intent to monetize it. IOW, I think your argument is irrelevant. Unless you are only suggesting that once named, the name sticks.

I think the 34S is more inline with the history of Wozniak and the Apple I. Woz just wanted to make himself a computer, and then shared that with a broader community by making it open source (or free with source). Both the ROM source and the schematic for the Apple I is published in the Apple I manual.

Again, what started this thread was my followup to a statement that suggested adding letters. WP is already a mouthful since 'W', at least in English, is 3 syllables. My suggestion was to rename the letters and keep it at two. CS was the only thing I could think of that would embody the work of Marcus and others, and at the same time hint at the target audience in the same way 'scientific' is used. I would have love to have said, "Community Scientific, by the community for the community", but when less than half of the community cannot even be bothered to vote for a keyboard layout, it's clearly, "not of the community", but still for the community. To suggest, back to your original statement, that the 34S was made for W & P is a mischaracterization given the volume of support, testing, reaction to input, non-WP contributors, etc... And, I think "CS" is more inline with other projects such as OpenRPN and Free42.

Lastly, and again, I really do not have an issue with the current name, I never did. And you are clearly keen on not changing it, and that's fine too.

Hint: Follow up with, we are not going to change it and that's final. :-)


WP is already a mouthful since 'W', at least in English, is 3 syllables.

I should have paid attention to this before daring to suggest an even longer name... Sorry! When writing in English, I usually avoid long words whenever I can. Instead of referring to this road as a parallelepiped road, for instance, I would call it a six-faced stone road or something like that. Awkwardly, in Portuguese 'W' is a two-syllable word.

Since the name wp-34s has stuck, there's no need to change it now, INMHO. Besides, I think the other great contributor's names have already been credited in the documentation.



Egan, Gerson, all,

We won't change the name WP 34S once it has become popular now. That's it :-)

FYI, 'W' is a one-syllable word in German - like all other letters except 'Y'. The latter is three syllables like in Greek where we got it from. May be one reason why brands like BMW or VW grew up here.

BTW, I've got a favourite emoticon ;-) and I use it exactly for this purpose quite frequently, so please take into account some of my posts may be just meant this way. And since I was taught to care for proper spelling and grammar (some precision helps in math and physics, too) my only escape may be plain ignorance of the proper (American?) English wording. Nevertheless, I feel pretty comfortable between so many multilingual people here. Thanks for your understanding.

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