Thank you HP!


My 15c LE (no. 02534) arrived late last week in Cape Town.
I don't own a vintage 15c to compare it to, but I'm very impressed with the LE - build quality, size and capabilities - and can easily see why the 15c is so popular. The LE really does envoke the heyday of HP calculators.

THANK YOU Tim. Cyrille and everyone from HP for bringing this calculator back into production.

---- My HP pedigree ----

sci rpn: 29C, 15C LE, 32Sii, 42S

sci rpl: 28S, 48G+, 48GX

bus: 17Bii, 19Bii, 17Bii+(silver)


You're lacking a 34S! ;-)


Definitely agree with Marcus :)
Over the years I have had, and still have a number of HP's.
The wp34s is feature rich, and is really something to get excited about - get one Graham, you won't be disappointed.

By the way, I also live in SA - where did you order your 15cLE from?


Got mine by post from Samson Cables in Utah.

I paid $99 + $24 shipping to SA. But I see they've now increased the price by 50%!

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