HP17BII+ Hardware - Atmel processor?


Has anyone studied the HP17BII+ hardware?

HP.com indicates that it operates on (2)CR2032, 28k memory, has a clock/calendar, infrared and beeper output.

Is this based on the ATSAM processor? If so, is it 'flash'-able?

(pardon me if this has been posted before - could not find a thread.)


It's not! It's a mask programmed 6502 derived system. No way to update the firmware.




I share your feelings. Indeed this question was raised several times here already. The UI of the 17bii+ Silver is simply more attractive to techies like us :-)


I find the 17BII+ to be a disappointing "upgrade" to the classic model. The solver is markedly slower and there are other limitations. It does have a nice look and feel though, but alas not function.

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