Can anyone identify these keys?


Hello All,

Can anyone here identify these keys?

Thank you everyone...


Hi Bruce, looks like an early attempt at a 28C/ 18C. Early prototype perhaps? Cheers, Keith


I would guess 18C early prototype, as it has an "=".


A few more pieces of the puzzle, I guess:

c, d, e.


Heh, did you see the HP28S I built for Keith from a set of clear parts just like those? I built myself one first. It came out quite nice. Then I built one for Keith. It came out PERFECT! (Learned a couple details building the first one...)

Here's a couple shots of mine (maybe Keith will post his for us?)


Bruce - yes mine is perfect! One of my favorites in my collection. Here it is: Clear-28S

Also: Clear-28S-2

And: Clear-28S-3

Cheers, Keith

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Your guesses sound like a possibility.

Any clue what 'ENDE' or 'SAL' mean?


ENDE look German to me!


"ende" = end entry ?

"sal" = sale ?

Could be intended for use as (part of) a cash register?


ENDE is indeed german, and SAL might be Saldo. So, it's an interesting mix of languages.

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