New HP15c LE manual - good!


It is a pleaseure to see again a full manual with our calculators, included in the package. A lot of care has been clearly put into it:

HP15c Manuals compared

The more time passes, the happier I am with the HP15c LE. Thanks again!!

I have read the message from Hugh Evans where he states his preference for HP42s but at the end, he takes the 15c with him due to its size. Same happes with me. (in addition, I find easier to work with it with a single hand for most operations, joining the left hand to operate it with both thumbs for more other non-basic operations)


AFAIK, the manual was re-edited by volunteers in this community for HP.


Marcus is right. The document was recreated in modern word processing software. HP provided an initial version to a group of volunteers. This was a great start but it still had perhaps 4-5 formatting or content errors on each page. It went through 4 or 5 revisions with at least two volunteers who compared it word-for-word with the original manual. Along the way volunteers rescanned every diagram in higher resolution and the keystroke font was tweaked several times.

One of the hardest parts was keeping the page numbering the same so that page references in the table of contents, index, and throughout the text would not have to change. This required small formatting tweaks on nearly every page.

I think the effort really paid off. The manual has a few errors, but most are in Appendix F which was rewritten to apply to the new hardware. For the most part it seems error-free

It's a great example of how we can help HP improve their products.



Can I use this information in the blog? May I quote you?

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