What is the SVN version of 34S that does NOT need a keyboard change?


Subject says it all.


All of them.

Pauli stated that any changes to the layout will be done on a (not yet created) branch.


Pauli stated that any changes to the layout will be done on a (not yet created) branch.

That isn't quite what I said. The changes to layout will involve a branch. We haven't decided if the current layout will be the branch or the new....

The change to Y<> and Z<> is on the keyboard now.

- Pauli


The latest version, 1726, uses the current keyboard (i.e the one for which Eric's overlay works.) It has the "41C" enhancements, i.e., the function name is displayed when you press a key and NULLs out if you hold the key down for few seconds. (This feature will help when they change the keyboard, if one decides to keep loading new versions without changing the overlay.)

The above is incorrect, version 1722 is the last version that is fully compatible with Eric's overlay. See the following posts. I never used the old functions that are gone and like the new, so I can live with the change.

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Actually I forgot about the x<>y changes in 1723. It's potentially minor but the x< and >a on the x<>y are now y<> and z<>.

So I think 1722 is the last version that exactly matches Eric's overlays.

svn co -r 1722 https://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wp34s/trunk/realbuild realbuild
svn co -r 1722 https://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wp34s/library library

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Confirmed :-)


I am sorry this may be very obvious to some, but I can’t locate the different versions of the 34s code calc.bin to flash.

Seem like the most recent version of the calc.bin file on this site http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/files/ which is 1630

There is another calc.bin file in https://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wp34s/trunk/realbuild/

Which I cannot tell the date or the rev. by looking at the file name on Internet Explorer. How do we locate different revs of the calc.bin file with rev notes (if available)?

Thanks –K2


How do we locate different revs of the calc.bin file with rev notes (if available)?

Use the following link:


If you click on calc.bin you come to a site with a list of the last revisions, and for each revision there's a 'download' option.


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Great! This is excatly what I was looking for, thank you Franz.

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