Finally, 34S flashed


I think I had two issues:

  1. Weak Batteries. They were new, but as I struggled to get my 34S flashed I must have worn them down. At 2.7V they would not power up my other 30b.
  2. Keyspan USB to Serial. I've had this for years and never had a problem using it with OS/X or Windows (virtualized/physical) or Linux (virtualized/physical). I've also used it to flash H8 and PIC without issue. Given that FTDI-based adapters have been reported to work I ordered the cheapest one I could from Amazon.
Now I can flash via Windows XP in a VMware VM under OS/X without issue. Setup: MacBook Air, OS/X 10.6.8, VMware Fusion 3.1.3 (Windows XP SP3), USB to Serial (FDTI): $13.44US from Amazon (

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