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So thinking that the "Business" website for HP had a "buy now" button for the HP 15c meant that it was in stock, I ordered one on the 10th. And also chose FedEx priority overnight because it was only a $5 difference from the regular shipping. In any case I still have not gotten a shipping confirmation, yet checking the status of my package on their website, a single line reads : Ship Complete - Yes. So does that mean its been shipped out? Its been like that since the day I ordered.

So has anyone who ordered from the HP business website gotten their HP 15c LE? Or is the "buy now" button more like a we-don't-have-any-but-order-anyway deal?


I think we are both in the same boat. I ordered on 9/25 and the "Cust. Quoted Delivery Date" changes each day to the current date. I also assumed they were in stock when I ordered. If not why even allow orders without at least warning people?

I think the Ship Complete means that if multiple items are in the order to wait until all items are in stock before shipping. I ordered two and I seem to remember a question about that in the order process.

Last week I did give them a call and was told that they would not get any in stock until near the end of the month.


I ordered one on 9/26 and just today I got the "order shipped" email with a tracking number. I guess they got some in stock and must be backfilling them.


I also placed my order on 9/26, but no shipping update yet. Let's hope they're moving through the queue now....


I ordered one on 9/24 from the small biz website.
When I checked the status (using the link in the order confirmation e-mail) I also saw the "Cust quoted ship date" change each day to the current date. I sent HP an e-mail to ask about the status of my order on 10/10 (again, using the link in the order confirmation e-mail).
I just recieved a e-mail today stating that it has shipped. Not sure if it had anything to do with the inquiry e-mail, but it might be worth the effort to contact HP if you still haven't heard anything.


Another data point for ya: ordered mine from the biz website on 10/5, "shipping complete: No" as of right now. Eagerly awaiting my new toys! (ordered 2).


I ordered one on 9/26 and just today I got the "order shipped" email with a tracking number. I guess they got some in stock and must be backfilling them.

Hmm, so I suppose if your order is more than about 2 weeks you get a shipping update for your HP 15c LE. I was excited the past 2 days expecting a box to be at my front door, but I guess now I know that I have to wait a couple weeks. Ah well.

Maybe I should be glad that they cant immediately ship out, since it could mean that they are selling these REALLY well. One can only hope that this succeeds beyond it's "LE" status and turn into a full time HP model.

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My first HP15CLE came from the HP Home website and shipped from Olive Branch, MS. This one ordered from HP Business shipped from Indianapolis, IN today. Edited: Duh, they're both near FedEx national hubs.

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Olive Branch, MS? Did it come from the same warehouse that the Buy.com orders were shipping from?


One can only hope that this succeeds beyond it's "LE" status and turn into a full time HP model.

True. There really seems to be a market for this thing, provided the quality issues will be resolved. In fact, I can barely wait for a decent new release of the 15C free of flaws and with 100+ times the speed of the original. It would be just what I always hoped HP would bring to the market, not as a collectors item but as a tool for my work. Although much numerical work nowadays is done via a PC there are many occasions (even in the course of using a numerical package) in which a handheld calculator is a pure convenience (no switching between windows etc). And with these speeds you really have some computing-power with you in your shirtpocked while not being at your desk. So: go for it HP!


I can barely wait for a decent new release of the 15C free of flaws and with 100+ times the speed of the original.

One of the current (no pun intended) "flaws" of the 15c LE is excessive power drain on the batteries. The power drain on keypress will hopefully be an easy fix with no consequences, but the power drain during program execution is (I think, I am not one of the experts on this) directly related to the speed. So if they fix this issue, then the "100+ times the speed of the original" claim may no longer be possible. I am hoping they might implement some sort of power management that would allow high speed for brief periods, then throttle back, and maybe a selectable high-speed mode for when you really need results fast and don't care about battery life.

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You can't have your cake and eat it too.


Depends on your definition of cake. If I want speed, why can't I have it at the expense of battery life? If you want battery life, why can't you have it at the expense of speed? Of course I have no idea if such choices would be possible to give to the user with the 15c LE platform, but we do get that choice with wp34s, for example. I am naive enough to believe it to be possible with the 15c LE.


I think the power drain issue people were complaining about the most was that pushing buttons caused high drain (higher than current 12C+ firmware). Yes, the calculator sucks power while doing computations, but that's not much time unless you're running a large program.


I think some strong feelings were expressed that the power drain during program execution is not acceptable.


Interesting info. How serious are these problems actually? Maybe things will turn out not that bad in practice. After all, higher speed also means shorter running times. It will actually depend on
the "mechanism" tipping the balance (the large magnitude of the current during a programrun or the shortening of the runtime itself) how things will eventually work out. Personally I would say that we have a problem in this respect only when power consumption becomes excessive in such a way that battery-life is reduced to 1 month or less upon intensive use of the calculator. In any other circumstance I would be willing to pay for speed.

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