hp 15c EL



Does anybody know whether HP did something about the quality-issues regarding the 15c-EL (keyboard andd firmware) in later production runs (are there any later production runs?). I think about buying one but I am a bit cautious in view of my experiences with the 35S. Thanks.


Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question, but would like to add to it. The HP website indicates the 15C EL is "Out of Stock, Check back soon". I hope that means there will be additional production available. Does anyone know this to be true?


I don't think anyone on this forum knows the answers to these questions; it's all speculation.

By the way, it's LE.


By the way, it's LE

Actually, now it's NA


Thank for your reactions (sorry for the typo). Meanwhile I have heard from somebody that someone (we're talking vague rumours here) at HP-customersupport mentioned to him that there will be new units by the end of the month. I will just wait for that I guess. Better to give HP some time to solve some quality-issues (or not to have an 15c LE at all) than to prompt into bad experiences of the kind I had with my 35S. Anyway, thanks for the info to all.


I heard that the reason for the delay is that the cargo ship with the remaining production has been captured by Somali pirates. Due to the high ransom demands, the new MSRP will be $999.99 each.


USD 999.99? That's too much for my taste.


Nah, the Somali pirates are selling them on TAS for only $250. Go check it out.

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