[WP-34S] Flashing/chaining and assembler problems


I just reflashed the calc with the latest svn version to try the matrix programs, and as it is rather tedious to upload every single file (the calc.bin and the five .dat files) one by one, checking the entry point for each, I tried "chaining" them into a single file, to send it in one go - but it didn't work. I got a file that is about 131Kb in size, but when I try to send it with Samba, I get an "Out of memory" error.

Also, I tried using the assembler to re-encode my programs (calc version is 1725, and assembler opcode version is 1725 too) but I get the following error: "ERROR: Cannot recognize mnemonic at line 25 of file mySrc.wp34s: -> 023 x[<->]y <-"
Has something changed? The MySrc file was created by the assembler a few weeks ago, and I didn't hand-edit it...



See Marcus' explaination at:

x[<->]y is now x[<->] Y


Thank you... I had missed that. Things happen so fast that I seem to be unable to stay up-to-date with everything :( Sorry for missing that!

The other question still stands though... unless I missed something else :)



You might try Jeff O's method of combining the flash regions using the DOS "copy /b" command.

Flashing HP 20b for WP 34S


I did the Linux equivalent of that, and the file I got is actually a binary concatenation of the input files. I'm wondering if the problem is that the calc.bin is smaller than the "official" 128Kb? But then, I don't see how that should cause an "out of memory".

Another question: am I right in thinking that if I transfer all the .dat files that are in the library folder, I end up with no free flash regions? If it is so, which would mean that the various .dat files given to us are just "modules" that we can install or not in whichever region we want, wouldn't it be better to name them something like "what_this_module_does.dat", so that we can choose easily what to install and where, and what region(s) we want to leave free?


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I accidentally merged all the .dat files into calc.bin. My fault. It will be remedied soon. Until then, use the serial commands to transfer your files from the emulator to the device. For flashing you should switch to MySamba.

SAM-BA.exe may help you to overwrite the predefined dat files directly in flash. The method is described in flash.txt and should be in Walter's manual, too. You need to send each .dat file to its associated address in flash.


I've reworked the library stuff so that calc.bin is just the plain binary without any .dat files merged.

There are a few new files in the realbuild directory:

wp34s-?.dat   - copies from library for convenience
join.cmd - A command file to merge these into calc_full.bin

The command file makelib.cmd in the root directory builds the .dat files. Just take a look what goes where. This is subject to frequent changes.

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