Photo of my HP 15c | 15c LE



What's your LE#?

You can see clearly the slight tint of the newer LCD. Do you have any keyboard issues?


I posted my LE number and keyboard results earlier in the keyboard survey.

But here they are again to go with the picture. LE # 02220 and no faulty keys.

The photo shows the LCD display on both old/new after running the [on รท] keyboard tests.

Had ordered my LE through Amazon third party seller as soon as they were available there $99.

So glad HP finally re-released the 15c (bugs and manual errors in all) hopefully they'll make it part of their permanent lineup after they are done producing the LE's.

The original 15c is my daily use calc that I carry with me it's still working fine after all these years and the LE is a secondary unit that stays at home next to my computer.

Eagerly awaiting an HP flash update to fix the bugs and will need to order a flash cable from <Gene?>.

Edited: 12 Oct 2011, 12:36 p.m.

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