[WP34s] Matrix M.xx vs. M-xx


The matrix functions have just been renamed again from M.xxx to M-xxx

In principle that's ok, but 2 functions look a bit ugly now: M-+ and M-+* ;-)


I did that because navigating in the catalog(ue)s is harder with a '.' in the name (I keep forgetting to press f before the dot and never get where I want to.) I agree that the two functions you mention don't look pretty. Maybe we change that back to '.' or even no delimiter at all. For me, M-DET or M.DET don't look any better then MDET.


Yes, M+ and M+* without delimiter would be better.

But for all other matrix functions I would keep the delimiter, otherwise some keywords would in fact be quite counterintuitive. And changing it only for some (e.g. MDET, MINV) won't be consistent.


It's Walter's and Pauli's decision.


It's Walter's and Pauli's decision.

I know - as usual ... ;-)

It's Walter's and Pauli's decision.

Thus Marcus changed it ;-)

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