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Perhaps this has been already answered. I am using version 2.2 1693. When I try to save a program in a region greater that 5, the calculator does nothing. The manual states that 9 regions are still available. Should I reflash my 34s?




The matrix functions have taken their share of flash memory. Walter has probably not yet updated the manual.


... since I'm still struggling with the consequences. BTW, due to frequent changes the amount of flash sectors available is probably the least reliable information in the manual. Sorry for that.


And Marcus said, things are very much in flux at the moment. The matrix functions have consumed about three flash partitions, we've done a bit of scraping and pulled back a bit of space and we try to find more.

- Pauli


In my humble opinion, the matrix functions are well worth the lost space, even though the flash regions are a real nice feature to have.

This is a fascinating machine :-)

Thank you,


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I am sorry if this topic was addressed before, I couldn't find it searching the forum archives.

Does HP 30b use Single Layer Cell (SLC) or Multi Layer Cell (MLC) flash memory. If the flash is part of the ATMEL SOC AT91SAM7L128 CPU, OEM spec states that it is in fact SLC which is a great news for longevity and reliability.


The flash is all on CPU.

- Pauli

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