WP34S: An integration wrapper


Another week-end little project.

As suggested by the WP34s team on a older post, I tried to make a wrapper to improve accuracy for the integration function.

A test with sqrt(abs(x-1)), from 0 to 2, gives:

WP 34s : 1.30929962
WP 34s with the wrapper (fix 5) : 1.33333672

Expected : 4/3

Using this program:

LBL 10

Any comment to improve it as always very welcome.


Edited: 9 Oct 2011, 11:04 p.m.


Hi Miguel!

Try it on these expressions from the PPC ROM examples:

Dropbox link to IG results


Hi Gene,

Here are the results. Not so bad, I think. Function 10, takes too long, so I ran it with FIX 3. Against my own advice, the others where done with FIX 6, getting decent running times.

1:	3.141593
2: 0.666667
3: 0.636620
4: -0.999984
6: 3.141594
8: 0.499995
9: 1.991321
10: 0.785399 FIX 3 (too slow otherwise)
12: 2.203347


Nice compact routine.

- Pauli


A few minor remarks:

In your instructions, "cumulatif" should spelled "cumulative". (Neither of us is a native speaker, I assume, so we need to help each other. :-))

Why do you set the stack size to 4? I haven't checked your code but if you don't need A to D for other purposes or rely on the duplication of T just leave the setting alone. If you really need it, use STOM/RCLM to save and restore the mode.

The iteration uses the approximate comparison operator which relies on the display setting (Am I right, Pauli?). Just put a comment in that explains how this affects accuracy of the integral.

I'd like to see some // comments at the end of the lines. This would help to understand your code and it will not disturb the assembler.

Edited: 10 Oct 2011, 2:39 a.m.


The iteration uses the approximate comparison operator which relies on the display setting (I'm I right, Pauli?).

Please see page 58/102. You are :-)

Got it! I will do the changes.




Note: The possibility of using complex instruction makes the code more compact, so i need a four register stack to take advantage of that, so I followed your advice and stored and restored modes.

Edited: 10 Oct 2011, 8:23 a.m.


so i need a four register stack to take advantage of that

Only if you rely on the duplication of z/t when doing a complex drop or an operation that drops the stack.

The way it is now it works and that's fine. You should note in the instructions that J is used for saving the mode.

Maybe a limit should be set on the number of iterations. Do you do the halving of intervals over the complete range over and over or do you have a check for each subinterval and divide only if a subinterval is outside the accuracy bounds? The latter would probably need some kind of backtracking which is obviously not possible without recursive programming.


Yes. I will think about setting a limit on the number of iteration.

Thank you Marcus,



An iteration limit would be a good idea. I tried integrating LN(x) from 0 to 1 and gave up after my laptop had been crunching away for over half an hour. I was using ALL mode sound rounding was to 12 digits not a fixed number of decimals.

- Pauli


With an iteration limit of 15, LN gives -0.999973 in six seconds. I will leave this limit in the routine.

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