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Since you have not replied to my e-mails about the Paname module you sold me, I wonder if you might respond to a request here. Can you let me know why you haven't sent the overlays that were supposed to be included in the auction and why you haven't replied to any of my last few e-mails?

To the rest of the forum,

This user occassionally puts his Paname modules for the HP41C for sale here, but I bought one on e-bay from him. He wanted to be paid by Western Union, which I did at a significant cost relative to the cost of the module itself. That way he got the money within minutes of the auction ending. You see, he is in France. It took him over three weeks from that time before he even sent it. I got it less than one week after it was put into the mail.

Oh well, it's just time. But then he didn't include the overlays that were supposed to be included. Again, no big deal. I e-mailed him, two times before he answered, and then he said he'd send them out "soon". It's been two months since then and now he isn't responding to my e-mails. And I've only sent him about three or four in the two months time, so I'm not pestering him.

Just a friendly warning, that you might want to think twice before dealing with him.


I purchased a PANAME module from him also. My payment was lost in the mail (US express mail, trackable). He was quite patient and understanding of the wonders of the US Postal Service at its finest. After 6 weeks the postal service found the payment and returned it to me. I resent it to Emmanuel and very shortly received my module. I had no problems at all with this seller.


I bought one of his Paname modules months ago.

We had a nice e-mail exchange and he was very helpful on arguments not directly related to this sale.
You see, he is in this game - as a developer - since years.

I know he is on the move from time to time and he told me he could move again during this year.
Or, as an amateur astronomer, he is just hunting stars right now...

So, please, be patient: he is a nice guy.

Ah, the overlays are just reprints on cardboard (mine are): you have to cut them by yourself.


More info...


Yeah, well I ordered some stuff from him about 2 years ago now I guess.

It was fairly pricy stuff. (well, by my standards anyway)

Anyway it got ost in the mail. Some time after Emmanuel got back to me saying he'd been able to extract the $$$ from the french postal system (It had been sent insured).

So he then tried to gather together duplicates of what he had sent me.

Well I managed to get some of the stuff, but the bulk of it has never arrived, and I guess I've just written it off as experience.


Could just be a coincidence, but just after this was posted Emmanuel e-mailed me that my overlays would be going out tomorrow.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, after three months of him replying to one of every two or three of my e-mails, maybe I needed to be VERY patient. In any case, time will tell.

Sorry to have brought this up to the forum. It is good that most of your dealings with him have been alright. Perhaps mine will turn out that way, given enough time.


I've been in the middle of a transaction with him for the last several months. He has indicated that he has been dealing with a tragic death in the family. He has come through on a portion of the transaction and he has communicated with me recently regarding the remainder of the transaction. I believe he'll come through if you give him some time.


I also bought a second paname from him. I paid on teh 24.4. and got my module today!!! He also told me about his death in his family. Sorry about this Emmanuel. We feel with you..I can accept that delay.
I also got the 4 overlays. But I'm a bit dissapointed cause they are plain paper, which you have to cut yourself (the HP41 has 35 keys). This makes 4*35=140 keys you have to cut!!!!



I traded modules with him last year with no problem.
He's very friendly.
Ok, the transfer took a while, but as said above, it worked fine.

Just my experience.




I got a Paname module from him. There was some delay, but personally I care more about the stuff itself.
The module arrived in good shape, but the promised documentation was not included.
Lucky that I got it independently as a PDF off the Web.
So this was a reasonable deal.
Prices are high, but you are nobody **forces** you to buy this stuff !!

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