HP41 Antenna Soln Book


Hi - I have a copy of the HP41 Users' library solutions for antennas but the document is not dated. Does anyone have an idea of the month/year that this library was published? (I need the date for a reference in a book I'm writing about radio receivers).

The other HP41 Users Library solutions all have their date of publication on their back covers, in the middle at the bottom. Thx for the help .. Kevin


I have examined my original Antennas Solutions book, and it too is undated. I looked at the other ten solutions books in my collection, and only the ones that are not the original revision (A) are dated. Original revisions were not. I think that you would be very accurate if you assumed that the first (possibly only) version of the Antennas Solutions book was published in either 1979 or 1980.

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