"Yellowed" Spice Keys (originally light beige)


Some beige keys of the Spice series becomes light "yellowed". I guess it's due to something like smoke on the enviroment where they were (or are) used. Is there some another cause for that? Is it possible to "clean" it?


The plastic cases of some DEC terminals and computers (VT100, Rainbow, Pro, etc) also turn yellow. It's generally beleived that sunlight (or other UV light) causes this, and that the effect is not reversable. Or at least nobody has found a satisfactory way of reversing it.
This may be related, it may not...


Laundry Bleach will sometimes whiten a bit. Wonder if the new stuff for teeth has any affect. Try both at your own risk!


It is UV aging. There are additives for plastics used to help reduce aging and UV acceleration tests to help evaluate.



several of my calcs has these keys. But why cleaning them ? They are OLD and they are USED. Why should a 90 year old man ("used") looks like a 25 years old ("new in box") ?


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